Surprising Divorce Facts

Surprising Divorce Facts

Divorce is the final stage of a marriage union. There are many reasons why spouses chose to divorce even though they have children. Whenever a couple divorces, it is advisable to hire a divorce attorney to ensure that the process is handled legally and does not harm either partner. Below are some interesting facts about divorce.

Surprising Divorce Facts

Many Divorced fathers have no access to their children

According to research in America, a large percentage of divorced fathers do not have or have limited access to their children. These parents rarely spent time doing primary parenting duties, such as helping children with homework and telling bedtime stories. The reason beyond the lack or limited access to their children varies from one parent to another. Some fathers chose to stay away from their family and probably got married again. Others have been denied access by their wives or have been given limited visitation rights by the court.

As the children’s father, you risk having limited to no visitation rights to the children if you are about to divorce. This is not something that most parents would wish for. Therefore, it is advisable to seek the legal services of a family law lawyer. These lawyers have a lot of knowledge regarding family law and, therefore, will ensure you get a fair share of the visitation rights. If you are lucky enough to find a skilled lawyer, they will help you negotiate a fair agreement with your spouse. Hence, you will not have limited access to your children. Such will also help the children maneuver the impacts of divorce.

A larger percentage of the fathers that do not have or have limited access to their children attributes to how they handled the divorce case. In some cases, people choose not to seek legal advice due to the associated cost. Unfortunately, they end up losing more than the amount they could have spent to pay a good lawyer. If you do not hire a lawyer, the chances are high. You will have limited visitation rights. A good lawyer will ensure that the marriage is dissolved lawfully. This means that the parent who has not been given custody of the kids will have fair visitation rights.

Most divorces happen due to infidelity

There are many reasons to choose to divorce. However, the leading reason is infidelity. Divorces that occur due to infidelity are characterized by anger. Such anger has a significant contribution to how the marriage is solved and the children’s custody. There is a high likelihood that the party who got cheated on will hire a lawyer and request the kids’ full custody. If the other party does not have a lawyer, the chances are high. They will lose custody of the kids.

Research indicates that financially stable women tend to cheat on their spouses more than the women who depend on their husbands for a living. The same case applies to men. However, a substantial number of couples do not divorce after the man cheats. Whenever you suspect that your spouse is about to file for a divorce, it is advisable to seek legal advice regarding the division of property and child custody.

The key solution to having a drama-free divorce is hiring a divorce attorney. Failure to which, one of the parties might end up losing property or visitation rights. Therefore, it is necessary to discuss the terms of the divorce with your spouse. If you cannot reach an agreement, it is advisable to seek a third party’s help. If this does not work, too, a divorce attorney should be the last resort.