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About Us

We at TalkDailyNews.com provide original reporting on burning issues and current trends in Politics, Environment, Science, Health & Technology acting as a spark to ignite the flame of knowledge towards a common and greater goal of bringing about an awareness and knowledge revolution in today’s world.

Through original reporting in these niches, we want to highlight the people, places and things that make all those smaller off the gird places great while also recognizing that there’s always more beneath the surface. Following important leads, asking hard questions and researching our facts extensively are our foremost priorities.

Owned and operated by Parity Media Private Limited, TalkDailyNews.com helps you get right through to the core of the news rather than the fluff that is served across the Internet. We bring to you breaking news by gathering, analyzing and presenting only the important news without you having to waste your precious internet time. You can get in touch with us here.

Editorial Staff


Ravi Email

Ravi has an extensive 8 years of experience in the fields of science, technology and general research. With a background of engineering, Ravi has been responsible for breaking a number of security related stories on the web and has been cited by a number of major publishers including The Guardian, The Register, The Independent among others.

Managing Editor

L. Taylor Smith Email

L. Taylor Smith is a professional journalist with over 20 years of experience covering politics and global issues.

Staff Writers

Paige Ellens Email

We also have a number of talented contributing writers on a part-time basis.