Thoughtful Graduation Gift Ideas

Thoughtful Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduating from high school or college is a notable rite of passage. Graduation signals the culmination of one accomplishment while it heralds in the next phase of life. If you are stumped about what to give the graduates in your life, here are a few ideas to help make your present memorable.


Most people have a favorite food or treat. If you know what your graduate’s favorite is, choosing a gift becomes a lot simpler. You can give gift cards to their favorite restaurants or fast food joints. Graduation candy bouquets are fun gifts that show how proud of them you are.


Watching someone graduate after watching him or her grow up can feel as if it’s your accomplishment, too. Commemorate the occasion with a keepsake necklace or pendant. Cuff links are a practical gift that mark not only the transition to the next phase of education but also to adulthood itself.

Practical Gifts

Consider giving a gift that makes the next step easier to take. For the student leaving home and heading off to college, a basket filled with laundry essentials and a roll of quarters is likely to come in handy. The college student moving out of the sorority or fraternity house into their first home may be in need of a tool kit. Practical gifts let them know that they will always have your support.


Money is the universal gift that everyone can use. It’s a great choice if you don’t know what the graduate needs or wants because new starts often come with new expenses. They will probably appreciate your contribution.

Choosing great gifts for recent graduates doesn’t have to be complicated. If they can eat it, wear it, use it or spend it, you are probably on the right track. No matter what you give, it can be a token of how much you care.