Manufacturers Offering New Holsters for Concealed Carriers

Manufacturers Offering New Holsters for Concealed Carriers

A number of states now let regular people working outside of law enforcement apply for concealed carry permits. These permits allow individuals to carry a gun on the body without letting others know they have that weapon. Most states require that permit holders fill out an application, pass a criminal background check and take a short test to prove they know how to safely use and carry a gun. To meet the needs of concealed carriers, a number of manufacturers now offer different types of holsters that allow them to carry those weapons more comfortably.

permit holders prefer shielded holsters

One of the more unusual holsters available is something called a belly band. This looks like a large elastic band that wraps around the stomach. The band is elastic and expands to fit different body types. Once a user puts on the band, he or she can slip the gun between the band and the stomach. This keeps the weapon from moving while the individual runs or otherwise moves. Belly bands are available in several different widths. Some concealed carry permit holders prefer longer bands that they can wrap around their legs or other body parts.

A large number of concealed carry permit holders prefer shielded holsters that have shields designed to keep the guns from accidentally discharging. Basic holsters can have plastic pieces and metal components that rub against the weapon. When an individual attempts to pull that weapon out, those parts can cause the gun to fire. These holsters often have straps made from Velcro that keeps the weapon inside the holster and stops it from falling out. Manufacturers design these holsters for wear on an ankle or over a shoulder.

Some of the newest holsters available today are more practical and look like other things that people might wear or use every day like a shirt or a bag. Several manufacturers now make concealed carry purses that allow women to carry their guns with them. These bags have reinforced stitching on the bottom to better support the weight of the weapon, and some have locked pockets that can hold a gun. There are similar messenger bags available as well. Men and women can also opt for a concealed carry shift that has a hidden pocket inside that can hold a gun. Manufacturers offer various holsters and products for those with a permit to carry a concealed weapon.