This Edutech Firm Celebrates Mother’s Day 2020 In A Unique Way


In the age of online shopping and advanced technology, gifting has become an easier task than ever before. However, this edutech firm has attempted to turning back time and putting pen & paper to make for an exceptional Mother’s Day gift. Reportedly, this Mother’s Day, Byju’s, an online Learning App, is busy in promoting its employees to write letters to their mothers and celebrate the day. In an effort to re-establish the art of writing letters, the firm, which holds more than 2500 employees at its Bengaluru office, has issued inland letters to all its employees. It includes higher management as well.

From May 10, 2020, onwards, unique post boxes have been kept in the company premises. Employees can drop their letters in these special boxes. Reportedly, the firm has also arranged for a “postman” who will cycle through all the floors promoting staff members to celebrate the day and pen letters to their mothers. The firm intends to deliver these letters across India over the next few days.

Divya Gokulnath, Co-Founder, Byju’s, proclaimed, “Powerful words written in your unique handwriting on a piece of paper are something really impactful and memorable gift for your mother.” What prompted this notion was the fact that most of the staff members at the firm have to live away from home.

Byju Raveendran, Founder and CEO, has also shown his participation in this activity. Although he lives with his family in Bengaluru, he also penned a warm letter to his mother. Gokulnath proclaimed that this is the best opportunity the firm has offered its employees to express their feelings with their mothers through the medium of a letter. She added that the initial response for this contest has been excellent. The firm expects some 2500–3000 letters to be posted this week.