Six Ways To Make A Parking Garage More Appealing To Visitors

Six Ways To Make A Parking Garage More Appealing To Visitors

A parking garage is a practical structure designed to make it fast and convenient to park and visit the surrounding businesses. After parking your car in a parking garage, you probably won’t have to walk outside into the rain, snow or hail in order to get to the office, hospital, mall or other place you’re there to visit. Along with being practical, can a parking garage be an appealing place to park? Consider six ways the owners of a parking garage can make the structure more appealing and attract more paying customers.

Six Ways To Make A Parking Garage More Appealing To Visitors

A Convenient Way to Enter and Exit

The entrance and exit to a parking garage should be easy for visitors to find. When driving toward the entrance to a parking garage, a person should have plenty of time to slowdown and turn into the structure. In short, people shouldn’t have to round the block because they overlooked the entrance to the parking garage. Also, the path to the exit from inside the parking garage should be easy to find and navigate for any vehicle whether it’s a small car or large truck. Most people prefer to enter and exit a parking garage as quickly as possible.

A Fast Way to Pay for Parking

After a day of work, shopping or time spent in a hospital, paying and traveling through the Parking Gate Systems should be as easy as possible for visitors to a parking garage. Whether a driver has cash, a payment card or a pass, providing payment should take a short amount of time. This is especially important if there is a line of cars leaving the parking garage. Today, most people expect a quick payment process as they enter or leave a parking garage.

A Well-Lit Parking Area

When all of the floors of a parking garage are well-lit, it improves the general appearance of the structure. Visitors to the parking garage feel safe walking to and from their cars at any time of the day. Also, there should be enough light for people to search for items in a trunk or backseat. Supplying an adequate amount of light in a parking garage can deter thieves from hanging around, looking for opportunities to steal from cars.

An Excellent Security System

Installing cameras throughout a parking garage helps to keep people, cars and other property secure. Having a security guard on staff to monitor the property contributes even more to the level of security in a parking garage. Thieves are likely to avoid a parking garage known to have excellent security. Plus, if something is stolen out of someone’s car, the security cameras may help the police to locate the perpetrator.

Navigation Made Easy

Have you ever walked around a parking garage in search of its elevators? The elevators and stairways in a parking garage should be easy for visitors to find. Large, colorful signs directing people to the elevators and elsewhere lowers the frustration level especially for people who are in a hurry. In addition to signs, some parking garages have arrows that point people who park on different floors in the directions they need to go.

Clean Surroundings

A parking garage that’s clean and free of graffiti is an inviting place for people to park their cars. A parking garage with floors that are swept, clean walls and top- quality lighting is sure to be chosen by many drivers over other parking garages and lots that are not so well tended to.

Lastly, just because a parking garage is designed to be a practical structure, doesn’t mean it can’t be inviting to drivers who have business in the area. Operating a parking garage that is clean and convenient for drivers to use is sure to draw in more local and out-of-town visitors.