They Say That “All News Is Local,” But Is That Still True Today?

They Say That “All News Is Local,” But Is That Still True Today?

They say that “all news is local,” but is that still true today? In today’s fast-paced media climate, the amazing developments that have taken place in technology via the Internet have greatly changed the way we take in the news. In years past, the news came through once a day by newspaper, and when major events happened, the public wouldn’t learn the news for a few days, as some news was already obsolete by the time anyone got their hands on a newspaper.

They Say That “All News Is Local,” But Is That Still True Today?

Radio and television were the major news developments that came in after newspapers became a way of life for people, as these forms of media were more immediate and timely, though they weren’t able to present the news in as much depth as were well-researched newspaper articles. Now with the advent of news outlets on the Internet, people have access to national and international news 24/7. The amount of news we are now able to take in every day is indeed stunning, but there is still one aspect that must be respected, and that is the importance of local news.

News Really is All Local

Despite the wealth of stories we have access to, from the latest cultural event in Paris to a peace accord in the Middle East, the fact is that the news that resonates most strongly is the news of our local area. For people who live in LA, local news west los angeles is the news that will really matter in our day to day lives. We need to know if a school bond will be passed and whether or not the street lamps on our corner will be repaired soon. This is local news, and it reaches us in a way that goes beyond just having information on events far away.

No matter how much we may savor the news of major events in New York and in the White House and even Europe, the fact is that we need to know about what’s going on in the area where we live our lives. That’s why local news matters, and it always will.