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How to Create an Email Signature Using a Template

On a daily basis, thousands of emails are exchanged across the globe as a way of communicating with each other. Around a dozen emails would be sent by office workers every day to consumers and individuals outside their institution. Here, an email signature has a significant role to play. Yes, setting an email signature for your organization is a just right prospect to increase the sale of your services & products and usually promote your company.

Email Signature

Your email signature will over and over enlighten your receiver(s) essential details about your address, how to contact you, and other details they may require. One of the best parts about email signatures is that they are also a good marketing means that can assist in getting publicity for your business services and products. Thus, it becomes an integral part of your professional personality to the consumers and therefore, you have to be in fact perfect here. And once such email signature generator is ZippySig.

ZippySig assists you in creating an HTML email signatures very rapidly. A free trial is offered by ZippySig for 7 days where one can experiment all its features. With an editor, it is quite simple to create an email signature. To create the signature from ZippySig, one should first sign up. Prior to starting, the email signature generator recommends setting up few things so that you can edit the signature precisely. The first is Google Chrome and the other is Sublime Text Editor—that makes editing code simple via a range of formatting and shortcuts. Also, on installation, make sure you tick the box “Add to explorer context menu.”

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Here you will have to select and download a template for your email signature. The template should be opted for your organization based on layout and not the colors. Then, in Windows, the file should be found in Windows Explorer (in general, in your folder “Downloads”), then right click, and select “Extract All….” After launching the extracted folder, you can see a listing of files—it is necessary you comprehend the elements in the Template Download File. Note that the number of pictures and precise file names will differ based on which template is downloaded by you.

The files you will be using are:

  • html
  • signature-example-minified.html
  • image-1.png (and any other images)
  • signature-example.psd

The email signature template should be extracted into a new folder entitled “signature.” After opening this folder, locate the file named as “signature-example.html.” And lastly, right click on it and select “Open with Sublime Text.” After selecting the template, the next step is coding the email signature. For this, you need to understand the Basis of HTML and an Email Signature Layout, which can be found on the website.

After understanding this, you can make edits to the signature-example.html to facilitate modifications in the layout. The best approach for making modifications to your code (or email signature) is to make little alterations and observe the results swiftly and repeat this method. Once you are done with the editing, you will need to customize the font and text of your email signature

You need to modify the signature so that your organization information should be displayed rather than the example details. As there is too much of code, the simplest means to reach the section you wish to change is using the Sublime Text Editor’s search function. To search, push Ctrl + f. once you finish editing, you can install the email signature created with ZippySig.

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Advantages of ZippySig as an email signature generator:

  • Templates are already styled but one can change the placement and styles of items
  • No more validating email client cross-compatibility
  • No need to get skilled with complicated HTML as well as other languages such CSS
  • Simply opt a template, upload your logo, and you are done
  • You can see the email signature’s preview as you are placing in your information, such as Name, Phone, Address, and so on

So, get started and create your own email signature with ZippySig.

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