Plan Ahead: Get Home Safely and Don’t Drink & Drive on St. Patrick’s Day

Plan Ahead: Get Home Safely and Don’t Drink & Drive on St. Patrick’s Day

Almost 33 million people claimed Irish heritage on the U.S. Census report in 2017. That’s just over 10% of the American population, so it’s no wonder why St. Patrick’s Day is such a popular event nationwide. Not only does it honor Irish-Americans (or those who are only Irish once a year), but the lure of green beer, corned beef, cabbage, and merriment is often too much to resist. Of course, too much merriment can easily lead to a drunk driving accident. Fortunately, there are some tips to avoid that and get home safely on St. Patrick’s Day.

Get Home Safely and Don't Drink


Arrange a Designated Driver

The easiest and most obvious solutions regarding avoiding a drunk driving accident are to either stay home or avoid drinking altogether. But unless you’re a hermit, some occasions make those decisions quite difficult. You can enjoy yourself without guilt or stress and still not have to get behind the wheel after a few pints of Guinness. Just make sure you’ve made arrangements for a coworker, friend or loved one to drive instead. Hook them up with free food and soft drinks and switch off next time.

Have a Backup Plan to Get Home

Sometimes those designated drivers forget their role and get carried away as well, or an emergency may arise making them have to leave before you’re ready. Don’t rely on a stranger to get you home or make a mistake you can’t undo because your inhibitions are low. Load a reliable rideshare app like Uber on your cell phone and add a payment option on the app prior to leaving the house and be ready to call for a ride when you’re ready to leave. At least you’ll get home in one piece.

Incorporate the Buddy System

Alcohol cause inhibitions to fluctuate and the excitement of St. Patrick’s Day events can make hours seem to pass like seconds. Have your rides arranged, but also don’t go party alone. Incorporate the buddy system so you know you have at least one trusted companion who will stay with you the entire time. They can help keep the drinks to a minimum, help split or minimize expenses, and you can both watch out for each other to avoid unnecessary trouble. Who knows, you may bond so well that hanging out becomes an annual tradition.

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated

Hangovers occur from high consumption of alcohol. While there’s no actual magical cure for a hangover, there are some practical things you can do to lower the amount of alcohol that enters your bloodstream. And it’s easy to do so on St. Patrick’s Day. Two of the medically suggested options are to drink more water and eat between drinks. Since there will be loads of fatty food available, order samplings of all the goodies you want, trading food calories for alcohol calories. Your body will thank you.

Know Where Your Drinks Are at All Times

You don’t have to be drinking alcohol to get inebriated while out at a bar. It’s very easy for a stranger to slip a pill or powder into a glass of soda or even water when you’re not looking. Approximately, 75% of road-related fatalities on St. Patrick’s Day occur due to a driver being inebriated two-times the legal limit. Avoid the trouble by keeping a hand on your drink and knowing where it is at all times. But if you still need a Michigan car crash attorney, we’re just a call away.