Walki’s New Biodegradable Mulching Paper

Walki’s New Biodegradable Mulching Paper

Walki, one of the well-known technical laminates and protective packaging material producers have developed fiber-based biodegradable mulching film for the soil. This is the first ever-green organic film produced using natural biodegradable fibers rather than conventional plastics. This organic-type mulch paper is the first of its kind that is not only going to protect against weed growth but also helps optimize the soil conditions.

Walki’s New Biodegradable Mulching Paper

Soil mulching helps control weed, reduces the need for pesticides or fertilizers, and irrigation. Mulch film made of plastic, especially polyethylene, is being used since a long time. But its non-biodegradability and waste material removal and recycling cost are the reason why Walki has come up with this new film. The new biodegradable film when applied to the soil improves the soil fertility or health, controls weed growth, and also conserves moisture.

The rising pollution soil and unhealthy crops due to the use of million tones of plastic films for the mulching process across the globe affect the soil yield capability to a greater extent. The plastic residues of the plastic films reduce the yield by 20%. To overcome this major problem the Walki developed an Agripap solution that is an organic film made from paper rather than plastic which reduces the need for chemicals and controls the pollution rate. The kraft paper coated with biodegradable coating layer is what the mulching paper is made up of. The biodegradable coating helps slow down the degradation process of the paper.

Speaking of its potential, the organic mulching solution was tested in Finland at the Luke Piikkiö institute where it was spread over an iceberg lettuce and seedling onion farm. The results showed no weed growth and excellent yield.

Looking at the beneficial impact of the new biodegradable mulch paper, it is a perfect alternative for the farmers who care and love Mother Nature. The organic mulch paper will be made public only after its successful results are obtained. Walki plans to commercialize its new product as soon as possible to help the farmers across the globe in terms of revenue and yield.