Prevent Workplace Violence By Hiring Security Guards

Prevent Workplace Violence By Hiring Security Guards

No one goes into work or joins a new company with the idea of getting hurt that day, but workplace violence is a serious issue in today’s culture. At least 2 million American employees experience some type of work-related violence annually. Now, whether that’s an actual increase in violent actions or simply an increase in social awareness is debatable. However, one thing that’s certain is that no one should have to fear for their life or safety while trying to support themselves or their family. There are several things employers and employees alike can do to minimize the risks of workplace violence, but uniformed security guards can reduce those risks even further in the following ways.

Prevent Workplace Violence By Hiring Security Guards

Uniformed Security Guards Can Help Prevent Random Violent Attacks

Fortunately, workplace violence doesn’t always end in fatalities. But according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately two-thirds of all workplace-related homicides are caused by someone with whom the victim has no known or previous relationship. Workplace programs can help employees prepare somewhat for the possibility of an attack, but they can only teach or train so much. Security guards, however, can be fully trained to assess the potential dangers and act accordingly to keep everyone safe and prevent violent attacks before they occur.

Uniformed Security Guards Can Help Dissuade Customer or Client Contention

Long gone are the days where the customer was always right. But customers and clients may still argue that point, especially if they sense any type of weakness or annoyance in the employees. While many of those situations can be controlled by proper management intervention, some can transform from a spark to a forest fire. Security guards are trained to recognize the differences between verbal noise and impending violence and step in when needed to curb the contention.

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Uniformed Security Guards Can Help Maintain Employee Behaviors

Good employees can be hard to find and controlling how they get along in tight quarters or a stressful business atmosphere can be even harder. The truth is that the more employees you have and the more intense or demanding the job requirements, the more likely tempers and personalities are to conflict. There are several ways to handle this. You can play babysitter all day or assign someone to separate the troublemakers. You can deal with high turnover and keep hiring new employees hoping they’ll fit in. Or you can hire the right security guards to handle any issues while you focus on your business growth.

Uniformed Security Guards Can Help Prevent Domestic Violence at the Workplace

Not all workplace violence involves internal contention or random events. Domestic violence also happens far more often at work than it should. This occurs when an abusive spouse, partner, or ex can’t let go of an argument and shows up at their significant other’s workplace with the intention of either harming that person or winning the battle. More trouble and violence can ensue when employees or customers try to be good Samaritans and get involved. Rather than deal with injuries, fatalities, or potential lawsuits, contact Korner Security in Michigan to prevent possible violence by hiring competent uniformed security guards.