“GIFS Against Friends”: A new game launch by Zynga

“GIFS Against Friends”: A new game launch by Zynga

Surprise! Zynga has come up with a new game called “GIFS Against Friends” for the iOS as a piece of the Apple’s messaging app called iMessage. The company’s previous word game Scrabble called “Words with Friends” was a huge success after its launch in 2009. Zynga wants to use social networking games to change people’s perspective about entertainment and gaming.

In order to meet its standards, the company has come back with another new game. This mobile-based gaming app is something that is going to give the users a whole new experience. In this game, one acts as a judge and the rest 32 players quickly receive the already selected GIF through the iMessage conversation. The other players select the most appropriate GIF which is nothing but just a soundless animated version of a file. Lastly, it is the judge who decides the winner. The company Tenor is the brainchild behind this unique file format. The app uses the Tenor Emotional Graph, which has been built estimating the daily 200 Million or more search requests.

Looking at the GIF craze among the public, there is no doubt the new social game present within the iMessage app will surely take the people to another level of experience. This game will help people communicate, entertain, and engage with their friends and family on a larger scale. It is just a new way of expressing oneself. The partnership with Tenor according to Zynga is going help connect the GIF images with the search terms to make the game even more interesting and competitive.

The “GIFS Against Friends” will help masses use as well as understand the power of the animated images and the social network on a global basis. It can be easily downloaded via the App Store. The new app will join the bunch of other apps that were launched earlier such as Words With Friends, Boggle With Friends, and Game With Friends.

So all the game lovers, stay tuned to get more updates on the latest launch of Zynga for making the gaming experience something to never get bored off.