Datsun in plans to bring the new redi-Go with a facelift and 1- liter engine

Datsun in plans to bring the new redi-Go with a facelift and 1- liter engine

Japan-based Datsun, which is a sub-brand of Nissan, has been curiously trying to make its way in the Indian market. Small car segment and subcompact cars dominate the automobile market in terms of demand. Looking at these opportunities, the automaker is emphasizing more on developing small segment cars and introducing them in the market.

Datsun introduced its first entry-level hatchback in 2016 in India. Later, the car was upgraded with some sporty cosmetic updates in September. And at the current stage, the company has strategized to roll out redi-Go facelift in coming months. Moreover, excluding the new design in the update, the company will also offer 1-liter engine integrated with AMT unit.

The Datsun redi-Go will share its substructure with the Renault Kwid and it is built on CMF-A platform. Though Renault Kwid offers more premium features, bringing of Datsun redi-Go was targeted for the customers who are looking for a spacious entry-level hatchback. In-depth details of the facelift are yet to be disclosed but it can be predicted that the company might assemble some premium features and looks to bolster its demand.
The current Datsun redi-Go is powered by Renault and made 799 cc petrol engine. The engine is capable of generating 54 PS of power at 5,678 rpm and produces a torque of 72Nm at 4,386 rpm. Thus, it is quite obvious that 1-liter engine, which will be installed in new redi-Go facelift, will be the same engine that powers Renault Qwid. The transmission mechanism comprises 5-speed manual gearbox that will be offered with the standard model. Datsun might also look forward to offer AMT unit for this new engine.

Coming on to the sale figures, Datsun managed to sell 3,940 units of redi-Go in July 2016, while the same figures came down to 1,548 units in December 2016. The newly upgraded redi-Go might come out as a tough contender for Hyundai Eon and Maruti Suzuki Alto.

Let’s hope the newly refreshed Datsun redi-Go will probably help the company to roll the redi-Go, more aggressively in the Indian market.

So stay tuned to know more about the price and specification.