Fitbit Declares Trio Integration

Fitbit Declares Trio Integration

The fitness trackers and the wearable devices have created outstanding changes in an individual’s healthy habits in terms of fitness monitoring. And thanks to Fitbit that created an awareness among the people to be fit. The band launched by the company provided end-to-end support to achieve the fitness goals.

Fitbit Declares Trio Integration
Fitbit has already acquired the position of top fitness tracker maker as well as the top seller in the market. Due to large opportunities and demand as well as the fruitful partnerships, the firm has been focusing on such steps to reap more from it.

And now, the technology firm Fitbit is again in talks due to its incorporation with the three fitness based firms backed with technology known as Habit, Peleton, and Ditto.

In the recent year, Fitbit had already partnered to enhance its product range and services, and now it has added the trio that belongs to the nutrition business and stationary bike.

Let’s have some in-depth details about the trio partnered companies.

It is a California-based automated and connected technology company, it provides a stationary bike along with live streaming health classes. This integration will allow the user to track their health progress on the bike with the wearable’s that will comprise full workout plan.

It is a nutrition-based start-up that will help Fitbit to fetch the data of an individual’s health and create some nutritional plans and food consuming recommendations. The service would also create some special meal plans based on the BMI or body parameters.


This is the most interesting partner due to its VR bike. It gives a feeling of playing a game along with peddling as a tank or Pegasus. Simultaneously, data is collected which includes calories burned, distance pedalled, and total worked out time.

However, this trio partnership will be a perfect fusion to develop integrated fitness system along with VR-based bicycles and healthy food plans.