Roaming charges to end in telecom firms in China

As countries are turning into a worldwide global network, China is taking a step closer to it too. In China, there are three well-known state-based telecommunication companies such as China United Network Communications Group Ltd., China Mobile Communications Corp., and China Telecommunications Corp. that have planned to discard the fees charged on the domestic roaming or provide a certain amount of pricing incentives to small or medium-scaled enterprises in order to attract the customers in the corporate world towards network technology such as cloud computing.

The three state-owned telecommunication companies have decided to end their fees on the domestic roaming charges by the end of October 2017. According to the chairmen of the three companies’ subsidiaries such as China Unicom Hong Kong Ltd., China Mobile Ltd., and China Telecom Corp. Ltd. present in the Hong Kong, they have come up with a plan of offering incentives or certain discount in the pricing schemes for the corporate sector. In addition to these, the government has planned to lower the charges to encourage the consumer expenditure, attract corporate enterprises to take up network technology, and also reduce the operating cost charges of the corporate sector owing to promote the increasing efficiency and advancement of the network technology use in the business sector. The offering of incentive pricing by the government is a step to increase the competition among the telecommunication companies in the market for helping the network technology market boom.

As per the Ministry of Information Industry and Technology, they have already approved the applications sent by 198 private enterprises to provide a number of broadband internet services on a pilot scale project basis. From 2013, about 42 private enterprises have already been approved to resell their mobile network services.

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Whether the elimination of the domestic roaming fees and discount pricing offers will help the China Telecom market boom or not, only the time can tell that.

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