Samsung launches Bixby A voice-assistant program in its new phone

Wouldn’t you love to use your phone using directive signals rather than controlling it using your hands? Samsung has also come up with a new voice-powered digital assistant like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Goggle. The company has developed “Bixby”, which is all set to make its debut with the new Galaxy S8 smartphone.

The South Korean electronics giant Samsung has planned to launch its voice assistant powered by the artificial intelligence in the global market in order to become a tough competition for the already existing voice-powered digital assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Assistant. This new technology helps the users interact with their smartphones using their voice as a directive controller.


According to Injong Rhee, Bixby is a whole new way of controlling the smartphones using the artificial intelligence concept. The Galaxy S8 smartphone, which is soon set to launch in the market, will have some applications already installed in it that will help function with the Bixby app.

Earlier, Samsung had developed Viv a virtual assistant powered by artificial intelligence and here they are making a huge come back after seven long years. Bixby has been created in a way such that it will help the user control almost all the task in a smartphone or its apps and also shows flexibility such that it is easy for the smartphones to understand all the spoken directives.

The major goal of the company is to explore all the horizons so that the human and machine interaction becomes stronger than ever. Though this dream cannot be achieved within a day but neither is it impossible. Looking at all the other companies, Samsung has set its desires and dreams higher that it plans to accomplish in the coming years.

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Recently, Microsoft brought “Maluuba” which is a program that can help machines think the way humans do and China’s new invention a virtual assistant “Little Fish” are the things what Samsung is looking at now.

The South Korean electronics giant is set to take the global market by storm.

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