CEO claims to make $186 Million after Yahoo’s sale to Verizon closes

CEO claims to make $186 Million after Yahoo’s sale to Verizon closes

The 60 months as CEO of Yahoo for Marissa Mayer were stained with disappointment, but she will still depart the firm with a fortune of millions of dollars after it is traded to Verizon in the coming June.

Mayer’s stock will be completely vested when stockholders elect on June 8 on whether to trade the internet business of the company to Verizon. This vote is broadly anticipated to get ahead and will conclude Mayer’s leadership of Yahoo. As per the papers on the contract provided to shareholders early this week, Mayer will depart the firm with about $186 Million in stock. This amount is calculated based on the closing price of this week that was $48.15.

That is not including the bonuses and salary she have got in the past or the $3 Million partition she will receive when the firm sells out, says the report from sources. Overall, as per the report, Mayer will have grabbed more than $200 Million employing data from firm filings. The lavish payout of Mayer will probably have some investors furious since Mayer disappointed to rejuvenate the internet brand of the company.

Under her management, the company became a victim to 2 gigantic hacks and a misguided investment in Tumblr—the blogging site. In point of fact, Mayer had to sacrifice her bonus last year due to the hack of 2014. While Mayer’s management of the firm was deeply condemned, the company’s stock did climb 208% over the period of her residence. That is typically the work of investments in Yahoo Japan and Chinese retailer Alibaba.

As of now, all the eyes in the world are on the departure of the Marissa Mayer. Even though she was not successful in mentoring the company, she has at least had the courage to do something better for the company at the time of her send off.

The departure will make a fortune of $186 Million for the company. Let us hope the best for Yahoo and see as to what the company decides to do with that money. What do you think friends? What will the company do with this money? Comment your thoughts below.