5 Things Every Gun Owner Should Have

5 Things Every Gun Owner Should Have

Owning a firearm comes with a certain amount of responsibility. This ensures that accidents are minimized, and helps show people that guns can be safe and practical additions to a household. Make sure you have the information and tools necessary to practice responsible ownership by learning what you need to keep yourself and those around you safe.

5 Things Every Gun Owner Should Have

1. A Safe or Lockable Storage Cabinet

Accidents happen when people are careless. Instead of leaving a firearm laying around, you should have a safe and secure place to keep it. For smaller weapons like handguns, a lockable case or personal safe is generally sufficient. Long guns should be stored in a safe or security cabinet.

Know the rules that are in place where you live, too. Each state may have its own set of regulations and requirements for safe firearm storage.

2. Any Required Permits

Another thing that can vary by location is permitting and licensing requirements. This is especially true for handguns, where open and concealed rules can have wide-ranging restrictions.

Travelling can add an extra level of concern. Keep in mind that rules for any state you will travel through or to will apply while you are there. If you need a special permit, make sure you have it before you hit the road.

3. A Case or Other Carrying System

Speaking of traveling, you’ll need a safe means of transport for a firearm. Depending on the type of gun, how you are getting around, and where you are headed, this can mean a number of things.

Handguns can be carried in a locked case or a holster in many places. if you don’t want to draw attention, pick out one of the practical concealed carry holsters available for discretion.

4. The Correct Ammunition

It isn’t quite so simple as buying a box of ammunition when you own a gun. There are certain factors that you need to consider to make sure you have the right ammo for your firearm, your location, and the application you plan to use it for.

The speed of the projectile can make a big difference in suitability. Slower speeds will usually result in less noise, which your neighbors will probably thank you for if you are shooting target practice in the yard.

The bullet itself can vary. Standard lead is excellent for target shooting, but you may want to look at coatings and coverings, specially-shaped projectiles, and mixed metal composition.

5. Protective Gear

No matter what type of shooting you are planning to do, you want to have protective gear. This generally includes safety glasses and hearing protection. For hunting, it may also include clothing or accessories in blaze orange to increase visibility.

You know that responsible gun ownership is important. Having the right equipment and knowledge can make it a reality.