4 Entertainment Options for Your Bar

4 Entertainment Options for Your Bar

If you want your bar to be more than just a place where people can drink, you’ll need to provide them with more than just bottles and brews. Here are just a few investments that you can make to keep everyone happy and engaged with your bar facilities.

Entertainment Options for Your Bar

  1. TV

TVs are a standard choice in bar entertainment, but that doesn’t make them all equal. Some TVs are better than others! For example, a high-def, wide-screen TV is going to be more easily watched by crowds than something small and pixeleted. You might also want to invest in some kind of protective covering to keep its screen from getting damaged on rowdy nights.

  1. Darts

Who doesn’t love a good game of darts? Don’t just pick up a dartboard that you find at the local thrift store, however. You’ll want something without razor-sharp edges that can hurt your customers and cause liability issues for you as a bar owner. You might also want a dartboard that comes in nice, bright colors so that it can be more easily seen in the dimness of a smoky room.

  1. Pool

It isn’t a real bar unless there’s a pool table sitting in the corner. If you buy from the right manufacturer, however, you won’t have to worry about people losing balls or scratching up the surface of the table. A good warranty will protect you from these things if you purchase a brand-new pool table with the right kind of coverage.

  1. Cornhole Boards

Cornhole boards are unique enough to be interesting but simple enough to be used by drunk people, so they’re a great entertainment option for drinking establishments! The best cornhole boards are decorated with colors and images, too. You can paint them with everything from celebrity faces to the logo of your bar. It’s a sneaky way to make sure that no one ever forgets your brand name.

These are just a few ways to keep people entertained at your bar. There are many more, of course, but these should be enough to get you started. Happy shopping!