Common Social Media Mistakes To Avoid When Generating Website Traffic

Common Social Media Mistakes To Avoid When Generating Website Traffic

Savvy digital media marketers know that the key to generate sales and profits is to generate website traffic volumes. While optimizing the website for search engines is essential, working on social media to expand the marketing outreach and enhancing engagement levels can often deliver website traffic faster and in larger volumes. However, in this quest, you can often end up committing many mistakes on the social media platforms that can take the steam out of your marketing effort. Some common mistakes to look out for:

Common Social Media Mistakes To Avoid When Generating Website Traffic

Focusing on Quantity over Quality

It is a common belief that you need to generate as much traffic as possible to your website without needing to worry about their quality. However, it is established beyond doubt that chasing lead volumes, especially in the early stages of marketing on the social media leads to unnecessary strain on your resources. You should ideally work towards generating leads that are more refined and thus are more likely to buy from you. The best way of avoiding random leads is to use all the filters that the social media platforms make available to you to target specific audiences defined by age, personal profiles, demographics, purchase behavior, real Instagram likes, interests and more. The purpose of the filtering is to talk only to those people who have the highest probability of transacting with you.

Being Active on Too Many Social Networking Platforms

Many marketers assume that being active on the maximum number of social media platforms gives them the chance to engage with the most people. However, since there are so many networking sites, ensuring a vibrant presence on each of them without proper customization of content can be impossible. It is far better to focus your attention on a few platforms that you know are used more by your target audience so that you can achieve better conversions. While Facebook is ideal for mature audiences, Instagram is the platform of choice if you are marketing to the young with visually-appealing goods and services.

Ignoring Social Signals

Among the principal ways in which social media sites score over conventional websites is that they allow far superior user engagement and interaction. While it is relatively easier to obtain customer feedback, your marketing can go off-track if you don’t take the trouble of listening to their suggestions and complaints. If you are isolated from actual customer needs and market trends, the direction of your business can easily go in a path that is removed from reality. Alienation from your customers can easily turn your business turtle in a short time.


It is very important to retain your focus on your marketing goals. The reason for your social media activity is to engage customers better and encourage them to visit your website so that they can make purchases. All your actions on the social media sites need to be geared to that end. While it can be very tempting to experiment with multiple strategies for winning over followers, doing so can invariably stretch your resources thin and lead to failure.

Author Bio: Kylie Jones is a social media marketing strategist with a passion for blogging on trends in the sector. She has written a number of times on the rise of social media marketing agencies selling real Instagram likes to enable businesses create a buzz on the popular social platform.