Mysterious Places of Rajasthan

Mysterious Places of Rajasthan Where Facts Fail

The majority of people know Rajasthan for mighty forts and rich history. Many even look for different cities in the state to spend an ideal holiday at. Everything about the state seems to attract people and tourists. But along with the rich history that Rajasthan has witnessed, there is also a cursed side of Rajasthan that dwell in the same space where the glorious past does. Yes, Rajasthan has its own share of mystery which no one has been able to solve yet, but these mysteries still prevail and a few of them have even become popular worldwide. Today, let us take you to a few such places where you will see a different Rajasthan.

Mysterious Places of Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort

Often been claimed as one of the most haunted places in India, Bhangarh Fort is a place which is surrounded by mysteries. It has become an interesting area of paranormal researches and tourists alike. The place is open for a visit in the daytime but as soon the sun starts to set, the place starts getting deserted and it is not allowed to stay after the sunset otherwise something would happen. Even the government has its advisoryboard stating the same. It has been said that those who try to stay after the sunset never returns.


Kuldhara is another deserted place that lies 30 km from Jaisalmer. It has been said that the place has been abandoned from last 200 years and more. No one can stay in the village and if anyone tries to build the roof, it collapses and no one knows the reason. It is believed that the village is cursed and no one would ever be able to settle down here.

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Bullet Baba

This is certainly one of the weirdest yet interesting temples in the world. It is located 50 km from Jodhpur and is famous as “Om Banna Temple.” This temple was made as the memoir of Om Singh Rathore who was killed in an accident. His bike was thrashed. As per locals, many attempts have been taken by the local authorities to lock the bike and keep it away from the spot, but it miraculously kept on appearing at the same place. This temple was made in his remembrance and it is believed that he helps travellers stay safe. There is even an “Arti” written for Om banna.

Karni Mata Temple

Temple cannot be a place that is bizarre or mysterious as many may think, but Karni Mata Temple can be an exception. The temple is famous for housing thousands of rats and the weird part is that all these rats are worshipped and fed. It is believed by locals that feeding the rats will bring good luck. Many even believe that these rats even reincarnate as holy men.

So, these are some of the mysterious places in Rajasthan that you must visit if you want to see a different Rajasthan. These places will surely bring a sense of curiosity to you.