What Is Vingo App

What Is Vingo App Doing Right & Why You Need it!

Vingo is the latest app for online exercise, developed exclusively for people like you. You want to get fit the easy way, the better way and the most fun way. You are not alone in this journey. All over the world, there are thousands, if not millions of people wanting the same things. If you want to get your dream body with as little exercise as possible, it won’t work. If you ask a fitness buff, they would say, “There is no easy way to fitness”, but we beg to differ.

What Is Vingo App

On the app you can work-out to your heart’s content in your own space, at your own comfort.

Using ANT+ Sensors is Easy for Connections

Vingo is equipped with ANT+ sensors, the latest development in data transfer technology. This is the latest and ultimate version of wireless connectivity. The ANT+ sensors enable a device to connect with multiple devices all at once, unlike the Bluetooth, which connects with only one device in a given moment. Also, this tech allows for an app to accurately assess the data flowing through it. When coupled with a fitness device, it tracks your movements with pin-point precision and the data is presented to you by the app.

Accurate Tracking of Physical Activity

The seamless accuracy of the ANT+ sensors allow for the Vingo App to move easily through the virtual world it creates for you. The app is filled with 3D maps and visuals that are meant to give you an immersive experience. The ANT+ sensors will show your movements onto the screen, which already projects the location you select to explore in the app.

All you need to do is place a screen in front of you, be it your phone or your smart TV and connect the app with your indoor exercise equipment. It could be your treadmill or your bike, the app will automatically detect your movements, speed, pace etc., and voila, you are running or cycling inside your own virtual world.

Multiple OS & VR Technology

The app is compatible with Windows as of now. However, the developers are constantly working to get the app compatible with all the major operating systems in the world, be it the Mac OS, or iOS or Android. This means you can easily install the Vingo app on your device, whichever model or make it is. You can use the app across devices from mobile to tablets to PC or laptops.

Another important & growing field is virtual reality. The best part of the app is that you can use it along with your VR goggles. This will give you a more dynamic look to your workouts. Instead of viewing the locations on your screen, you will be virtually transported into the exotic locations of the app. However, the development of the app & the compatibility with the VR devices is still in the preliminary stage.

So, what are you waiting for? Take urgent care & get yourself a better workout regime with this revolutionary fitness app.