Unknown Facts of Valentine’s Day

Unknown Facts of Valentine’s Day

Till date we are just celebrating 14 February as valentine by, gifting loads of chocolates, bunch of flowers, proposing our loved one with a platinum ring or simply confessing your inner feelings by saying I love you.

But you will be amazed, when you will get to know that a single lover’s day can have so many things running at backstage and various historical moments excluding the story of St Valentine.

Unknown Facts of Valentine’s Day

Below are some unknown fats of the valentine day.

  • It was believed as a bad luck to sign Valentine’s card in Victorian period.
  • Based on the survey and data from the retail industry, 3% of pet owners gift the pets on this day.
  • Valentine period holds the record of second largest seasonal card-sending time in the whole year, approximately 1 Billion Valentine cards are exchanged per year.
  • Girls from medieval period followed a belief that by eating bizarre food on Valentine day will bring their future husband in their dreams.
  • The day was officially declared as holiday by England’s King Henry VII in 1537.
  • In late 1800, Richard Cadbury manufactured its first chocolate box especially for Valentine’s Day.
  • It is estimated that about 35 Million chocolate boxes that are heart shaped will be sold.
  • It has been observed that over 50% of Valentine’s greeting cards are prior purchased, majorly six days early.
  • 220,000 is the standard number of wedding proposal on Valentine’s Day each year.

So guys enjoy the love giving day and open up heart to express your feelings.