Most awaited and rumored foldable phone at last revealed by Samsung

Till date, we have been witnessing loads of fancy changes experimented on the most used electronic gizmo-mobile phones, and as it is grown up now it is termed as smartphones. Being smart doesn’t make you a hero; looks and the body structure are also key points that are considered when an individual plan to buy a mobile. Every product has some of the other selling point to beat the market competition and be a showstopper in the market.

Looking at the current development in Samsung’s R&D lab, it has finally revealed its highly rumored foldable smartphone. Since many years it was believed that Samsung is making a phone that can bend, but due to its long waiting years, the belief was turned into a myth among the consumers.

The company claims that the prototype version of the device will be launch in 2017 and will be given only to the partners for the beta test and pre-launch testing. But even if it has test launch dated in 2017; don’t expect its commercial launch will be in the same year.

In the testing phase, the company plans to make only 1000 of such devices and the mass production is projected to start in 2018 with a proper launch.

The commercial launch is expected to be done at 3 quarter and Samsung estimates to roll out 100,000 units post launch.

The folded phone after opening will appear more traditional like any other smartphone and slightly longer. The screen folds from the middle of the screen and closes like a clamshell. If seen practically, it might be a unique selling point for Samsung to compete for the ongoing war between its rival Apple to acquire the chair of dominance in the premium smartphone market.

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Hence, we can’t predict if the foldable smartphone will be pocket-friendly, but it will for sure save some space in your pocket.

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