Tips For Reducing The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Tips For Reducing The Risk Of Breast Cancer

The very mention of breast cancer could terrify any woman anytime. Breast cancer is a cause of worry and that is pretty obvious. Almost everyone has come across someone who has been afflicted by this dangerous disease.

However, there has been a major advancement in the breast cancer treatments today and they are consistently getting better with time. Moreover, today we are equipped with the knowledge of several ways that could help prevent breast cancer. Here are a few useful tips that would certainly lower the risk of this dreaded disease.

Reducing The Risk Of Breast Cancer

Control Your Weight

Your weight must be kept in check.  Your fitness goal must be to maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight and obese could trigger chances of several types of cancer including breast cancer post menopause.

Exercise Regularly & Stay Physically Active

Exercise is the mantra to a healthy and fit existence. Women who engage in active physical activity or workout sessions for a minimum of 30 minutes every day are bound to be healthy and they could minimize breast cancer risks. Maintaining a strict workout regimen also helps to keep body weight in check.

Eat Plenty of Vegetables and Fruits & Avoid Alcohol

A healthy and balanced diet could help in reducing the risk of getting breast cancer. You must consume a lot of vegetables and fruits and restrict your alcohol intake to moderate levels. You must not indulge in more than a drink per day. Moderate amount of alcohol intake is supposed to be good for your heart provided you are an older adult. However, even lower amounts of alcohol intake could boost the risk of breast cancer. If you are not in the habit of drinking, you may not think of starting it. You must cut down or even consider quitting if you are an alcoholic.

Do Proper & Consistent Screening

Irrespective of some controversy, adequate research and studies reveal that mammography is an effective breast cancer screening and could help in saving lives. It is not directly responsible for preventing cancer but it could help in the early detection of cancer when cancer is in its treatable stage. Doctors depend on an interpretation of Elisa results for early cancer detection.

Quit Smoking

Both smokers and non-smokers know pretty well about the health hazards of smoking. Smoking could lower your quality of life; boost heart disease risk, cause stroke and minimum 15 types of cancers and that may include breast cancer. Moreover, smoking is responsible for bad teeth, bad breath, and even wrinkles.