Pregnancy Complications You Should Know:

Pregnancy Complications You Should Know:

Pre-eclampsia: This complication occurs when the placenta does not work properly. It affects the placenta and can take a toll on your health and your baby’s health. It is associated with high blood pressure and swelling of face and hands. This could be fatal to your health and baby’s if not treated on time. The traces of pre-eclampsia occur lately during the second phase of pregnancy, particularly during the third trimester. The test for this is a normal urine test to identify the presence of albumin or protein in your urine. The blood test will also show a high blood pressure.

Pregnancy Complications

Low lying placenta: This is very common. When the fertilized egg attaches itself to the lower part of the uterus and begins to grow this complication occurs. This will be naturally reversed for some women as the placenta starts to grow the uterus expands and pulls it upward if it is present in a low lying position and thereby normalizing the growth position. A pregnancy ultrasound will show the position of the placenta. Complex placenta positions lead to blockage in the delivery passage in the uterus and thus leading to c-section delivery. In most of the cases, your body tries to reverse the position by making it normal.

During of my visit to a fertility center in Mumbai, I met a woman who was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This is typically a high blood sugar level during pregnancy. Our body on its natural cycle tends to make extra insulin during the second phase of pregnancy and when this does not happen, the sugar levels in the body goes up. This condition is called gestational diabetes. This can lead to complications for you and your baby. In some cases, the baby can be born with sugar in its blood. Some of the symptoms of gestational diabetes are: Feeling tired all the time, having a sore throat and dry mouth even after drinking plenty of water, frequent urination, some effect on your vision.

Most us want to know what causes gestational diabetes. Here are the possible reasons for gestational diabetes. Your scales – BMI. If you are obese, you have high chances of getting one. If your previous delivery was a heavy one. This means you gave birth to a heavy baby. Genetic reasons – this is when you are more prone to get one. Family history or blood types are some of the reason.

A friend of mine from a fertility clinic in Bangalore, suggests some nutrition tips reduce BMI. Healthy eating can be a natural medicine to most of the health issues. Including a lot of protein, vitamin, zinc and folic acid in your diet will help you fight against the odds your body is going to face in the future. These can be anything from a small fever to complex health-related issues. Frequent visit to the doctor and not missing any of the vaccines is the key to a healthy pregnancy. Happy Pregnancy!