Nut Case puzzle: The cleverest riddle

Nut Case puzzle: The cleverest riddle

If you think about playing puzzle, the first thing that comes to your mind is straining your gray cells. Puzzles are fun when it comes to playing but can get your brain stormed in the later stage. A nut and bolt combination is nothing much complicated but a puzzle made using two can get more than an average level. The Nut Case puzzle was created by Hanayama for apparently adding a twist to the puzzle mystery.

The nut and bolt puzzle has two freely twistable nuts trapped on the cylindrical bolt having two heads on both the ends. And the best part is if you know what you are doing then you can not only free the nuts but also hide something tiny using the whole mechanism. Here’s a spoiler, the basic trick lies in disassembling of the hidden bits that are the nuts and the bolt.

The bolt has two heads on the either sides that are actually hollow in the real sense. The cylindrical body of the bolt has a slight rectangular slice coming out of the body. The head is basically designed in such a manner that it matches with its twin that is the slice and fit together as a single cylindrical body. The nuts have been designed in such a manner that there are gaps in between the internal threading, which helps in freely sliding the nut across the bolt. However, the only important thing to be kept in mind while playing is that the nuts can rotate freely only when they are on one-half of the bolt rather than both of them being on one side. Therefore, keep the nuts apart for experiencing the twisting Nut Case puzzle game.

Speaking of room, the puzzle lets one hide not things larger than a few number of screws or small nuts. But, Hanayama can bet you that whatever you hide will remain secure in the smartest puzzle. Thus, get this simple nut and bolt pairing for online at about $12.99 right now itself.

So guys! Do stay tuned in for some more interesting items like these.