How Can Startups Give Their Brand Better Visibility Through Instagram Marketing?

How Can Startups Give Their Brand Better Visibility Through Instagram Marketing?

Digital marketing is gaining more and more influence over the years, and people are coming up with various innovative ideas which are unique and effective. There are different types of marketing techniques through digital marketing, and if you are strategic enough, you can use all of them to your advantage and ensure that all your marketing needs are thoroughly satisfied. Since these days, the craze with social media is increasing rapidly, and millions of people across the world spend hours on different social media platforms, marketing experts have recognized them as very powerful and potential platforms for gaining more and more traffic on your website. There are different types of marketing methods that you can use on different social media platform since the features of these platforms are varied. Instagram is one such account that is used extensively by businessmen.

How Can Startups Give Their Brand Better Visibility Through Instagram Marketing

Noted for its features which are unique and helpful for business promotion and even e-commerce purpose, the Instagram account attracts millions of users across the world, and they spend a considerable amount of time on Instagram. The features are very easy to use and can be used in several creative ways which is why more and more people are opting for Instagram marketing to grab the attention of the potential clients who are likely to be interested in the campaign when you have something unique to offer. Here we are going to provide you with certain tips and suggestions which would help you use Instagram strategically to your advantage. You may even take help of professional digital marketing experts for making the most of the various social media platforms there is and ensure that your business has steady growth and profit.

Strategically written bio

Many people use Instagram for personal use. And, it is fun as well as spontaneous. There is nothing much to think about while writing the bio for a personal Instagram account. But when you are using the Instagram account for business purpose, you must be very calculative about what you are writing and sharing through that account. The bio must be well throughout. The key point that you should keep in mind is that the bio must not sound boring but at the same time makes it obvious that this is a business account and what the followers and viewers can expect from it. Do make sure that you share some contact information and website link if you have any of your prospective clients to get in touch with you. Make the profile public so that the viewers can easily discover it and hence you can be sure that the account is found by the clients easily. Plan the bio well in advance and have several alternate options ready and then shortlist among these options. This way you can make a choice easily and come to the right decision.

Cross promote with your partner brands

The trend is a recent strategy where the brands promote each other through their page. The logic is to cross-promote and hence the followers of each of the brands would look through the products and services offered by the other. Some leading brands these days adopt this strategy on their Instagram pages. Both the brands have to have different products and services so that they do not clash with competitors. The products and services may be different, but if they are of the same genre, it is always a better promotional solution. For example, if one of the Instagram accounts is a brand selling different dresses and clothes, the cross partner can be a brand for jewelry and other accessories.

This way the traffic that is looking for dresses would be able to find complimentary jewelry from the other brand that is being cross-promoted through the page for the clothing brand. It is always better to have such cross-promotion strategy with more than one brand and spread out so that you can get traffic from various sources. The more traffic you have on your website, the more promotion and profit can help you gain.

Drive the Instagram followers to your website

Gaining Instagram followers is just the basics of the marketing strategy. The key to getting more and more profit is driving and the followers from different sources to the marketing funnel and ensuring that you can get more and more profit as these prospective clients go into a business deal with your company. This can be done by putting up your business website link on your Instagram account. Come up with images of various products your company can offer and share the link along with the images as well. You can even interact with your followers through the Instagram account and identify the potential clients and connect with them through email and newsletters as well. The best way to do so is simply asking them courteously if they are willing to share their email address with you and receive the newsletters that you have for your business updates for them.


There are several ways in which you can use Instagram to promote your brand. The Instagram strategies for business promotion are unique and are still evolving. If you are new to the world of business promotion and social media, then you can easily go through these tips and pointers and make the most of them. It can be concluded that the social media promotion is easy to perform provided you have a clear concept of the same. However, if you are not very sure about business promotion strategies, the best solution would be going for professional help.

Author bio: Leah K. Sanders is a noted digital marketing expert who has been working on ways in which Instagram followers can be used for marketing needs. You can always get a clear solution to managing your Instagram promotional work from her blogs and articles about the same. Follow her blog to learn more about social media and how to use it to get proper brand exposure.