New Update to Instagram Allows More Sharing

New Update to Instagram Allows More Sharing

Instagram, the sibling of Facebook and Twitter, is more famous among the youth rather than Facebook. Well, the ability to share pics with extraordinary features is what makes Instagram cooler than Facebook. Recently, the company launched an update to the app where you can share videos or pics. These videos and pics were called as stories. This feature was much accepted by the users. In addition to this, stories used to get deleted automatically after 24 hours.

Now, Instagram has got another cool update. It will now allow you to share more. The new update allows the users to share up to 10 pics or videos. This has created an atmosphere of joy among the people. Users use to face problem before. The problem was not regarding the process of uploading, but the number of uploads that were allowed by the app. Now, they do not need to worry as to which pic to upload or to upload only one pic from a bunch of awesome pics. They can now upload as much as 10 pics and videos at a time. This new ability of the app to upload at most 10 pics or videos in a single post will surely create a wave of InstaUploads among the youth.

In short, Instagram was famous among the youth and will remain the same if it continues to give such upgrades. On the other hand, we also need to look for any glitches that are supposed to cause by the new update.