Basic Psychological Tricks to Help You

Basic Psychological Tricks to Help You

The psychological tricks that are mentioned below will be handy in stressful conditions. They are worth having a look.

Basic Psychological Tricks to Help You

  1. When a bunch of people laugh, others tend to look at those people who are laughing. They specially look at that person whom they think is the closest or they want to be close to.
  2. Eating food or chewing gum in stressful conditions helps. Our brain concentrates on our eating process and the stress is reduced to a noteworthy level.
  3. Stay calm when somebody is angry on you. The will get more annoyed but later will also feel ashamed of themselves for doing so.
  4. When a question is asked by you to someone else and they give an incomplete answer, stay silent and maintain the eye contact. The person in front will assume that the initial answer was not up to mark and will continue talking.
  5. Avoid writing “I think” or “I believe”. This represents the lack of confidence in you.
  6. If you are ready for an interview but nervous, think of your old friends in place of the interviewers. This will make you comfortable and ease your condition.
  7. Make yourself really excited and happy when you see other people. The next time they see, they will also do the same. As a matter of fact, dogs have been using this trick since ages.
  8. People will agree upon a favor that has a less value if they have already denied a couple of big favors.
  9. When on a first date, take your date to a thrilling place rather than a romantic one. They will always link you to that thrilling effect.
  10. Always try to notice the eye color of the person when you meet them. People tend to like those who maintain the eye contact for a long time.

So friends, remember these points.