Know More about Block Chain Technology and Career

Know More about Block Chain Technology and Career

Blockchain is closely associated with bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, but this only one side of the mountain. Blockchain can help transform a number of industries from health to    banking. It is very important to understand and know about Blockchain especially if you are someone who is exploring some technical education to make a career in the upcoming technology field. Blockchain courses and tutorials are trending day by day. So here is some understanding on the Blockchain. Extremely large set of sequential records are broken into blocks and united by chains to create a link between each chains. These links are created using hashes which are irreversible (one-way) functions which does a tit-for-tat. You give an input and hash generates a hexadecimal output. But we cannot determine the input unless we know the output. So this way the hashes are unique to the input given. And this 32 character hexa-decimal output carries encryption which cannot be decoded easily. For example: Peter is trying to tell his friend a number without actually revealing the number, peter hashes out “yh75seh3asangr7343883934njd34er” which will be generated only if the input is 92. So hashes form the basic data securing part of the Blockchain.

Block Chain Technology

Python programming language courses are available online and also in a classroom setup. With a good understanding of python and server responses and requests like HTTP/HTTPS you can get the most out a Blockchain programme. Hence a basic of python or java programming language is very important. Here are some of the fields which will guarantee you a high paying job once you have done your programming course:

  1. Banking
  2. Insurance
  3. Medical
  4. Manufacturing
  5. AI
  6. Politics
  7. Gaming

It is interesting to see the IT space growing and evolving. In today’s world, Blockchain has become a household name and everyone is interesting in knowing about it as the synonym for Blockchain create by media is “Money”. Engineering is no longer the most chased after and it would be great to see colleges adopting to latest technologies and bring it in their syllabus. All these will happen towards the better of the people, if not for the business.