Fix a Squeaky Grocery Cart

How to Fix a Squeaky Grocery Cart

Have you ever been grocery shopping and had to deal with a squeaky grocery cart? It’s not just the noise that’s the problem, but the constant distraction of having to make sure your groceries aren’t slipping out of your cart. If you own a grocery store, here are some tips for how you can fix this issue without replacing an entire shopping cart.

Fix a Squeaky Grocery Cart

Check Your Wheel Axles

Is one wheel axle looser than another? If so, then tighten it up by turning its screw in a clockwise direction; this should solve the problem of wheels squeaking.

If your wheels still squeak, then check their integrity by grabbing onto one and taking it off. Check for any cracks or other damage to determine if you need to replace it altogether.

Check Your Cart Caster Rollers

Do your wheels swivel like a rocking chair? If so, they’re probably not rolling smoothly, and this will cause them to make noise as they move along the surface of the floor over which you are pushing your grocery cart. Try tightening up all nuts and bolts that go around these wheels’ rims to fix this problem. You can also adjust them by pushing on them with a screwdriver blade as well as tightening.

Wax Your Wheels

If you want to be a little more proactive, grab some car or floor wax and rub it into your wheels. Make sure the outside is dry before you walk with it, not to create footprints of wax. But this won’t work if there’s already a coating on your cart, so make sure you first wipe off any loose dirt or rust from your cart. Then grab some soft cloths and apply a thin layer of wax onto all sides of each wheel. Let that dry for about 3 minutes, then use another cloth to wipe off any excess wax. This method will help lubricate those squeaky joints – don’t forget to reapply once or twice a month.

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Replace Your Cart Wheels

If you don’t want to wax your wheels, but they’re still squeaky, then it might be time to replace the wheels altogether. A replacement is certainly the easiest solution. Just head to your local hardware store or department store and ask for wheels for carts; they will fit onto any standard-sized wheels on your cart. Just make sure it’s the same size as the other cart wheels.

Get a Cart Cover

If you don’t want to go through all of this, then grab a grocery cart cover. This cover is a sheet that will fit over any standard-sized cart to help protect the wheels from accumulating damage and make them last longer.