How To Balance Creativity And SEO In Content

How To Balance Creativity And SEO In Content

Balance Creativity And SEO In ContentBalancing between creativity and SEO can be challenging. As much as you need to create content that is interesting to the reader, you must not forget that the main objective is to market your brand. This means that the text must fuse creativity and at the same time build traffic to your website. You need to know your audience before you put content out there while still optimizing it to capture your market. Here are some things you can do to balance creativity and SEO when creating content.

Know about your competitors
Knowing the kind of strategies your competitors use can place you in a better position to rank higher than then. Take note of the kind of topics they have already covered and know what is left to exploit. The best thing is to take advantage of what has not been covered because it will interest your target audience more. After knowing the kind of content to put out there, focus on keyword analysis to enable you rank higher than your competitors. Focus on incorporating keywords in a less promotional way.

Know what your audience wants
As much as we have different stories we want to tell, we have to consider what the readers want. It is good to always have your audience in mind because that is the main target of your message. The easiest way to identify topics that are appealing to your audience is by doing some research. You can check social media discussions or reviews from different online platforms.

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Focus on what matters
Most people focus on including keywords and fail in creating engaging content. The best strategy is to focus on the points that matter, and keywords will integrate naturally in your content. Keyword stuffing makes your content lack taste, which makes readers to abandon the content halfway. It also has a negative effect on the search engine algorithm. Creating engaging content ensures that there is conversations about your brand, which will promote traffic to your site.

Your content must comply with SEO guidelines
Once you are satisfied that you have created engaging content for your website, it is good to check whether it meets all the SEO requirements. Just presenting interesting articles that are not optimized to bring more traffic won’t help your brand that much. There are tools to help you identify how SEO friendly the text you have created is. Make adjustments if you realize that there are loopholes in your final copy. Ensure that target keywords are inserted correctly.

Your text should pass the readability test so that readers can easily understand the kind of message you want to deliver. The number of words per article should also be considered. Your text has to meet the average number of words that your competitors use in their marketing.

The other important thing is to ensure your text passes the plagiarism test. Your content must be original to be considered SEO fit.

The above points will help you to achieve optimized content that is also engaging. This will help to push your brand.