Decorating On A Shoestring Budget

Decorating On A Shoestring Budget

Living on a tight budget can be difficult, and that fact becomes even more noticeable when the time comes to decorate a home or apartment. From finding a style that you love to putting it into action without overspending, affordable decorating is possible with careful planning.

Decorating On A Shoestring Budget

Finding a Style

While calling in a decorator to help you better understand your stylistic preferences is a nice idea for those with larger budgets, finding the right look takes a bit more research for those who need to spend less. Try looking at magazines, websites and even the interior of your friends’ homes to get a more complete idea of what kind of decorating is most pleasing to you.

Use Color Carefully

One of the best ways to create a more visually pleasing atmosphere in your home is to paint the walls with rich, vibrant colors that you love. However, because too much color can be overwhelming, painting a deep color on wall to contrast with its counterparts is often a good idea. A similar approach can be taken to furniture and its accents; for instance, if your couch is a deep grey, use bold, bright colors for the throw pillows.

Creating Atmosphere

Cultivating a feeling of comfort in your home is one way to ensure that your family and friends visit often. Carefully placed votive candles, framed photos, soft lighting and similar decorations often make homes inviting. While this may sound expensive, buying wholesale chime candles or frames in bulk will save money in the long run.

Purge Before Buying

Most homes are full of items that have seen their better days; in fact, some of them have been there for so long that it is almost impossible to see them objectively. However, damaged, broken or unused items could be making your space look cluttered and ungainly. Get rid of the things that you dislike or do not need before shopping for new items for your home.

Find the Best for Your Home

Whether you have decided to set up sale alerts on your phone, scour garage sales for fun, decorative items or choose the do-it-yourself route for home decoration, you are on the right track for creating an elegant, inviting home. Rather than overspend on items you feel non-committal about, consider making, buying or find a new purpose for items that are already in your home.