Beacon Technology to Now Help Travelers

Beacon Technology to Now Help Travelers

Travel app is not just limit to the flight or train bookings or hotel bookings; it needs to have many other advanced features. Owing to beacon technology, one need not hire the tour guide to know about the artifacts.

If a beacon is fixed in the artifacts and you are standing before it, then the picture, video and audio regarding the history and facts of the artifact will automatically blink on your mobile device. Though beacon app development services have a wide to talk about, but today let’s just focus on its use as a tour guide.

Beacon Technology to Now Help Travelers

Following are few features that are integrated in the app development services to cater to the users’ best tour guide for any of the location.

Media files of the place – It shows seen and unseen videos and images of the monument. It can be helpful in the initial tour of the complete place.

Audio of each antiquity – When you are in front of any antiquity, audio and video regarding its facts and history will automatically blink on your mobile screen. The best part is—you can even add up the feature of multiple languages for the same.

Online/Offline options – Users can even download the media files and later view them online or offline too.

360 view of the monument – 360 degree is the basic concept of the tour ride for any of the place. So to get the same for the monument will be outstanding. Such app development services help to get the overview of the place so one can know that he wants to invest his time in exploring the place or not.

With the evolution in the beacon technology, there will be more enhanced features for it. With time, it may be possible that just like GPS we can locate the near-by visiting places and get the blinks if we are passing by.

Beacon technology can also be used in shopping malls, kiosk, and luggage. In a nutshell, it is used to fetch information of the place/thing or to get alerts regarding it.