5 Tips For Shooting a Shotgun Better and Faster

5 Tips For Shooting a Shotgun Better and Faster

If you ever had a shotgun, you would have probably experienced the urge to shoot faster. If you don’t know, then this post is for you.

In this topic, I am going to share with you the best 5 tips that will help you to shoot a shotgun better and faster. You should also check this post about how to shoot a shotgun if you are a beginner.

Also, another important part is you should clean your gun using cleaning oil or cleaning kit frequently for better and faster performance.

Shooting a Shotgun

Here are some of the factors that can make your shooting gun work better:

Position Set:

You are definitely going to miss the target if your focus is somewhere else. If the comb is excessively high, you are going to shoot on the top of the target and if it is low, you are going to hit the shot beneath it. So keep the head appropriate to hit the target correctly.


We all know that shooting with a heavy gun is easier than with light one. The swing of a heavy gun is smoother. Also, it can correctly point the target and absorb recoil which is not possible in case of light guns.

Balance :

The amount of trigger to be pressed is an important factor In hitting up the target. Lightly Triggering the gun can ooze the correct Fire. Carry the gun properly on your chest and recoil the pad appropriately on your shoulders. Also, initiate maximum practice in the open field so that you don’t end up messing up your targets in case of emergencies.

Swing is the necessity:

Mount the gun appropriately for smoother functionality and clearer targeting. Your feet must be absolutely planted and your shoulder should remain as stiff a rock. If the gun is properly mounted, you are going to hit the target right away without missing a single shot.

Hold you are gun properly :

Most of the people end missing important shots because of improper gun handling. The recoil pad should be located right below your shoulder so that you can correctly position you are free hand for guiding them muzzle. Carrying the gun in the mentioned if they would let you have a better control on it.

Besides everything, make sure that you hold the gun correctly but not excessively hard. The excessive grip would break the egg shell. Therefore, you need to be quite careful while positioning and holding up.

Avoid paying attention towards any other thing when you are initiating a shot. It takes mental preparation to hit the target. So make sure that you absolutely focus on what has to be targeted instead of what is trying to distract you.

Do not pay much attention to the bead of the shotgun, instead look at your target and remain determined.