Friendship Day gifts


This friendship day, gift your friends something that is made by you. Here are some ideas that can be used to make a beautiful gift for your friend.

  1. A time for memories

Scrapbooks are never out of date. The easy tutorial by Srushti Patil on YouTube educates you how to create a scrapbook from the scrape. Load it up with all the memories of your friends that you have made over the years and your are all set to gift him.

  1. Say cheese

If you can’t afford a polaroid camera for your bestie yet, don’t worry! A cute Instax card will cheer her up like nothing else. The tutorial by Aditi Card Zone is easy and the end result looks just awesome!

  1. Organize it

Just because your best friend lets her desk be scattered doesn’t mean you should too. It’s time she got her priorities right. And she wouldn’t be able to resist when you gift her desk organizer by DIY Crafts TV. Make sure you use all her favorite colors!

  1. Bands are the old cool

Friendship bands are probably the one constant gift that never becomes boring on friendship day. Gift a handmade band to your bestie.

  1. Fancy up her phone

Your friend hasn’t changed her phone cover for months now and you just can’t stand it! So take it up as your responsibility and get to work. You can give her a protection pouch, fancy up her earphones, phone cover or do all three of them.

  1. A care package

Nothing says ‘I love you bestie’ like a care package does. So make a special one for your friend. Make sure to give her a bear hug after you deliver the package!

  1. A cutesy locket

Hey, just because the two of you are almost adults now don’t mean you won’t do cutesy things anymore. And there is nothing better than heart lockets. One part of which will be with your best friend and the other with you.

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So friends, hurry up and start making these lockets. Hope you like the ideas mentioned above.

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