Telecom Minister Relieves From Fears of Mobile Tower Radiation

Recently, tower companies in India decided to quit the usage of fossil fuels. Tower companies are nothing but telecom companies that use fossil fuels such as diesel to run these towers. Telecom Minister of India Manoj Sinha today revealed that there is no need to worry about the radiation emitted from these towers since studies and tests have not discovered any health hazards.

Telecom Minister Relieves From Fears of Mobile Tower Radiation

Manoj Sinha also made clear to the media that the rules for the radiation limits emitted from these towers are very much strict as compared to the global norms. All this started when the Supreme Court ordered to shut down a BSNL tower in Gwalior when a 42-year old cancer patient complained a plea against it.

And we guess that this is the reason as to why most of the companies have decided to quit the usage of fossil fuels as well. This decision has resulted in the tower companies to deploy more than 90,000 emission-free mobile sites which eventually reduced the quantity of carbon that is emitted. Telecom companies have now started using Li-ion batteries to fuel their towers. The Li-ion batteries will serve as a substitute to the carbon-emitting fossil fuels.

When asked Sinha, he said, “There are around 4.5 Lakh towers present in India at this point. This number is likely to increase by almost more than 2% in the near future. Maybe by the end of 2020!!! And hence, I support the decision of quitting the use of fossil fuels as well as initiating the usage of Li-ion batteries. Further, severe and thorough tests were done on the radiation emissions as well. And there is no need to worry since the radiation emission is within the limits and no hazardous effects are possible.”

Well, these measures from the government to protect the people and the environment are noteworthy. And as far as the question remains about the level of radiation emitted by these towers, they will be within limits as assured by the Telecom Minister of India Manoj Sinha. We do not have any other choice than to believe them.

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