Timex Launches IQ+ Watch

Timex Launches IQ+ Watch

Timex is a well-known company that is popular for its analog watches. The company is in talks due to its launch of the new watch. The company launched its Timex IQ+ watch. What is so special in this watch? Well, the new Timex IQ+ is an analog watch and it can still be used to track activity. Let us have a look at the watch.

Timex Launches IQ+ Watch

Timex settles with a simple yet classic design as usual. If you are aware of the company, you will be also aware of the fact that the company is famous for its simple yet attractive design. Also, the watch is fairly light then all the other watches.

The new Timex IQ+ has only one function other than showing the time. The watch is able to track the activities. It tracks basic activities such as steps taken, calories burned, distanced travelled, as well as tracking of the sleep pattern.

The watch is controlled by an app. The app is known as Timex Connected and is available for Android as well as iOS platform. Initially, it takes a couple of minutes to set the app. The app asks you to enter information such as your weight and height and asks you to update your daily intended goals for calories burnt, steps, and hours slept. The app interface is easy and more prominently it is simple to navigate. Clicking on each tab will take you to a bar graph that represents activity of the year, month, week, day, or hour providing you a complete look at the data.

The new Timex IQ+ has the feature of water resistance as well. The new watch is resistant to water up to 50 meter. Hence, you can wear it while diving in the pool or while taking a shower. Speaking about the battery, the battery of present day smart watches lasts for a day! Right? But there is no such thing for Timex IQ+. They have traditional watch batteries that last for months.

Well, the new Timex IQ+ is a perfect watch for those who want a blend of technology and old times.