Android to Receive Freetime App of Amazon with Loads of Kid-Friendly Content

The Android tablets by Amazon have never actually achieved much traction, but it is not because the company did not fill them up with several of helpful features. But recently, what has seized the attention of parents to the tablet  is the “FreeTime,” and finally it has made its way to all Android devices.

Android to Receive Freetime App of Amazon with Loads of Kid-Friendly Content

The Amazon FreeTime is available on Google Play. It enables the parents with a simpler way to give their children a device that will be having an easy approach to a curated library of the child-friendly matter. Apart from this, there is yet another great feature for parents by means of the powerful parental controls. With this, the parents can keep an eye on what their child is doing and accordingly control for how long they can use the device.

FreeTime is provided with curated files of almost 40,000 websites and YouTube videos for children, as well as several other videos and books that are made available by Amazon for the app. It also provides features such as making a balance between education material and entertainment within the app as well as the power to restrict the duration of app use. Parents will also have a choice of extending the available content with a FreeTime unlimited subscription, which is $4.99 each month or if they have an Amazon Prime membership, then $2.99.

Parent dashboard can also be accessed by the parent to glimpse activity reports for what their kid has been watching or reading for that particular day. The dashboard also provides the parents with an easy and quick question list that they can ask their kids to know what they have discovered from those activities. Yes, even games are a major section of FreeTime. On the hardware of Amazon, games are added to the service automatically. However, the users will need to add games manually to the app on general Android devices.

Pooled with the screen pinning option of Android, FreeTime can be a remarkable way to control the device use of kids, isn’t it?

Post Author: Tushar Imade

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