Robocop: The first robot police officer of the world launched in Dubai

Robocop: The first robot police officer of the world launched in Dubai

Robots are being used in almost every field. The development in robotic technology has resulted in its wide applications. And to a surprise, now robots are being recruited as police officers. Yes, it is true. Recently, at the Fourth Gulf Information Security Expo and Conference, the Dubai police force debuted its newest member in the force, “Robocop.”

The robot weighs around 220 pounds and is almost 70 inches tall. Robocop looks forward to connect with the city tourists and residents. The bot features an “emotion detector,” which enables it to identify the body language and gestures of an individual from almost 1.5 m away. This is just the start, it has many more features and skills. The emotionally intelligent robot can identify if an individual is sad, happy, or even angry by examining his/her facial expressions. And just like any of your friends or family members, if the bot sense that you are unhappy, it will make an effort to boost your spirits.

Apart from this, the robot is also equipped with other special characteristics, including its facial recognition software that makes possible the identification of offenders. When it is about fighting against crime, it uses artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and other smart technologies to detect offenders. Also, it enables the Robocop to also show live video reports to the police command room. The navigation skills of the bot allow it to map out regions and travel on its own.

Provided with an inbuilt tablet, the robot can converse in 6 languages, including English and Arabic, so it is capable of having a chat with you and reply to your queries. Robocop can also execute a highly dignified military salute and shake hands. People can use the robot’s touchscreen placed on its chest to pay for traffic violations, report crime, and submit paperwork. Its information can also be shared with the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority to aid in predicting the traffic bottlenecks and tailbacks.

Brigadier-General Khalid Nasser Al Razzouqi said, “With the intention of helping and assisting people, the Robocop is the recent smart addition to the force and has been developed to assist us in fighting crime, enhancing levels of happiness, and keeping the city secure.”

Isn’t it a smart move to make someone available 24/7 for helping people?