Ford Transit is the Most Popular Cargo Van

Why Ford Transit is the Most Popular Cargo Van

There are many cargo vans on the market these days. And any one of them can offer immense benefits to commercial businesses and transport services but, the Ford Transit is the best-selling. What makes it so popular? What features set it apart from the competition? What practices has the company employed to reach this coveted number-one spot? Here are the top reasons why the Ford Transit is the most popular cargo van.

Ford Transit is the Most Popular Cargo Van

Vast Dealer Network

Ford has a much larger dealer network than other competitors. Repairs are easy and quick, and Ford will even repair vans that have been modified. Chances are, you’ll be able to keep your Transit van in peak condition no matter where your business is located.

Upfit Friendly

Some vans may need modifications to their structure to accommodate upfits. The Ford Transit doesn’t need these modifications. This makes the van more valuable and safer overall. It reduces the cost of conversions by eliminating some of the custom work needed. It also makes it compatible with any type of commercial van upfit. This versatility makes it a very popular choice for businesses in a variety of industries.

Luxury Conversions

Ford offers options for customers who are looking for something similar to a large SUV but with more cargo space and a smoother driving experience. The Transit’s luxury conversions meet these needs and include features like leather seats and state of the art entertainment systems. These conversions seat as many passengers as full-size SUVs, but at a lower price point.

Global Leadership

Ford focuses on a global audience. The Transit is not only the best-selling van in the U.S., it’s also a best-seller in the medium commercial van segment in Europe, where Ford is the best-selling commercial vehicle brand. In China, the Transit is a best-seller in the light bus and van segment.

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Its flexible configurations make it a popular option for businesses around the world, and Ford actively partners with local manufacturers and dealers to appeal to needs that are unique to local businesses.This versatility is a major asset compared to other vans.

The Ford Transit is Number One for a Reason

Clearly, Ford is doing something right with its Transit cargo van. A vast dealer network allows businesses to keep their vans running smoothly anywhere in the U.S., while upfit compatibility and luxury conversions keep even the most particular customers satisfied. It’s not just Americans that love the Transit – the van sells amazingly well in Europe and China as well. Its versatility, flexibility, and functionality make it the most popular cargo van in the world.

When looking for a commercial vehicle to suit your needs, the Ford Transit is a clear winner. Whether you need a slew of unique upfits, or you’re simply looking for a dependable alternative to an SUV, the Ford Transit has everything you could ask for in a conversion van.