Trucking Accident Case

What You Should Know About A Trucking Accident Case

When your career is driving a truck in town or across the country, the last thing you want to do is get into an accident. Trucking accidents can cause thousands or more in damage and can take lives. If you are a trucker and have been in an accident, it is essential to contact a reputable 18-wheeler accident lawyer Houston, such as the ones found working for the Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm, P.C. at Below are some things you need to know about a trucking accident legal case.

Trucking Accident Case

Don’t Wait To Contact A Law Firm

The worse thing a trucker could do after an accident is wait too long to contact a law firm for help. By law, a trucking company is required to keep any documents relating to a trucking accident for a certain amount of time. These documents are sometimes very important for helping your case. If you wait too long to contact a lawyer, those documents may get destroyed. A lawyer may be able to get those papers preserved.

Expect Surveillance

It should be expected that defense lawyers for the other side of the case will use surveillance to help them win. The insurance company hires defense attorneys to protect their interests and may have surveillance put on you until the case is resolved or goes to trial.

Placing The Blame

You can fully expect that the blame will be pushed on to you by the defense attorneys and insurance company. Even when your case is clear-cut with solid evidence to back up your accident, the insurance company will do things such as hire accident reconstruction experts to try and turn the blame on you. They will try to make it seem like you should not have been out on the roads driving in the first place. Do not be fooled by these insurance schemes and ploys.

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The Right Lawyer Makes All The Difference

A trucking accident is a serious offense. When you drive as a career in a big rig, such as an 18-wheeler, you are putting others in danger if you drive under the influence, with lack of sleep or without proper training. If you get into an accident and someone gets injured or killed, you will need to protect yourself by hiring a lawyer who has experience in this particular field of law.

No matter who is at fault or what the extent of damage is to people or your truck’s contents, never wait to hire a lawyer to protect you. They will be able to ensure your rights are not violated by the insurance company or defense team. Most reputable trucking firms will offer free consultations to go over your case options.