Valentine’s Special: Out-Of-The-Box Gifts For HIM

Valentine’s Special: Out-Of-The-Box Gifts For HIM

Accept it..! Being a girl, your gift choices will always be GIRLY. Your boyfriend/husband will not even care to look at your gifts if you give him something like roses, chocolates, heart-shaped things, teddy bears, spa gift cards, floral scents, and so on. No. A strict NO to these stuff for your valentine this time. Think out-of-the-box ladies. Make this valentine memorable for HIM, but in a different way. No matter how long you guys may be dating for, men will always prefer manly gifts. You may ask what gifts? Well, we are here to help you out.

You are free to choose anything from below list to gift your valentine:

Valentine’s Special: Out-Of-The-Box Gifts For HIM

Rather than chocolate-covered strawberries, bestow him with bacon or chicken or any damn thing(meat) he likes

Really, anything apart from sweets or chocolates will do. If your guy is not much of having a sweet tooth, giving chocolates won’t be that great. Instead, just give him what he likes to eat. Simple.

Say NO to roses, YES to cactus

Don’t get us wrong. The fact is—Cactus is by far the manliest of plants. Another true fact—it’s like your love. Cactus will live and continue to blossom long after the Valentine’s Day.

Don’t think hearts, think blood

Don’t make mistake by taking actual meaning of “blood”. You don’t have to donate blood on valentine’s…! Instead of gifting heart-shaped stuff such as heart-shaped cushions, bracelets, kitchens, and so on, gift him blood games such as Game of War—Fire Age, Zombie Gunship, Shark Attack 3D, and so on.

Impressed with the ideas? These are just few ideas for your valentine. Want to know more? Let’s give you more…

  • No sweet or flowery scents. Just rugged and woodsy smells
  • He will never ever redeem a spa gift card. C’mon every dude’s gotta shave.
  • No bath sets please. Man Crates will do.
  • Champagne is romantic, but BEER is his true love
  • No guy wears a sleep mask… Go for sunglasses
  • Earrings for YOU, headphones for HIM

So, did you like the ideas? Feel free to share any update to our list.