Top 4 Facts About Crime Scene Cleanup You Probably Didn’t Know

Top 4 Facts About Crime Scene Cleanup You Probably Didn’t Know

Crime scene cleanup is not a job for the light hearted. Before getting into it, you need to have all the facts right. This is because getting it wrong could lead to putting many lives at risk. It involves dealing with sensitive matters. Some facts can help you to know whether or not it is the line of work you want to get into. They can also help you appreciate the hard work that crime scene cleanup specialists put in. Before searching for a San Antonio crime scene cleanup, here are some things you should know:

Top 4 Facts About Crime Scene Cleanup You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. Gruesome

According to, it is a unique line of work and not for the faint hearted. Some of the jobs that crime scene cleanup crews deal with include removing of body remains and body fluids from scenes. This can be after various fatal occurrences including suicide, homicide and even infectious diseases. It can get quite traumatizing having to deal with death so closely on a regular basis. It needs somebody who is able to focus on the job while still empathizing with the family so that they don’t seem inhumane. Some homicide cases are really cruel. They are among the few people who have seen it all when it comes to crime.

  1. Insurance cover

Some insurance companies usually cover crime scene cleanup for your home or your office depending on your insurance policy. It is good to find out if yours does. In the event that it does, it could go a long way in helping you with the expenses of the services rendered by the company. You could put the money towards something else. When looking for a crime scene cleanup company, be sure to check whether they work well with insurance companies. More specifically, find out whether they work with the company that covers you. This will prevent you from having any financial crisis after the services have been delivered.

  1. References

Just like in any other field, references are major game changers when searching for the perfect cleanup crew for you. Through references, you can get to find out someone else’s experience with the same company. Through that, you can learn what to expect from them and what is expected of you. You can get to know how professional they are and how diligent their work is. Such information is more credible than the information you would find on their website. This way, you get real life testimonials.

  1. Independent

Thanks to the many movies in the market, we have been led to believe that police departments are the ones that do crime scene cleanup. This is not the case and even in the rare occasions that they do, they tend to leave a lot of remains behind. Most cleanups are done professionally by private companies that are trained to do just that. It is important to know if the company you are looking into has any experience with such. They should be licensed and certified to be on the safe side.