TomTom Sports app now with actionable insights

TomTom Sports app now with actionable insights

Are you a sports lover? Well, we all like one or the other sports and watching them live, or on TV, or apps is always a delight. TomTom, navigation and mapping services provider, has designed a new sports-centered app. Suitably titled as TomTom Sports, this new app is said to bring activity data coupled with motivation and insights to millions of users.

The TomTom Sports app is co-produced with fitness and athlete app users. It is designed to push people off by presenting matter such as activity trends, motivational messages, & comparisons; rich social sharing functions; and second-by-second performance statistics, all provided in a user-friendly and attractive design. The app offers an integrated place where the user can avail with 12 distinct activities such as cycling, swimming, skiing, running, hiking, trail-running, and few more. The app allows the user to trace their achievements and efforts, including resting heart rate and transformations in body compositions, just at a glimpse. The app also makes it possible for the advanced-level athletes to assess the activity analytics on the basis of per second. With smart evaluation, the users can standardize their latest performance with their personal best.

TomTom Sports app is developed to enable flawless data sharing with an array of third-party interfaces including, Nike+, Strava, MapMyFitness, Endomondo, Runkeeper, and much more. The app consists of a dashboard, which exhibits the recent performance and activities insights to keep the users encouraged. It also provides several activity and performance views such as speed, heart rate, ascent, and pace. It enables users to monitor their aims with prompts to record their information from the personal dashboard, with the use of the app’s “Latest” tab. The information can be exported through the TomTom Sport’s website to third-party apps.

The app is accessible for Android as well as iOS and can be installed from the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Hope you can take the best out of this app.

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