Tips For First Timers Visiting Kerala, God’s Own Country

Tips For First Timers Visiting Kerala, God’s Own Country

Kerala is a famous tourist attraction not only for the people in India but in the entire world. The God’s own country has an undefined beauty that one can’t find in any other part of the world. Taking in some of the finest beaches and heavenly hill station, Kerala offers the best of both the worlds. It is an ideal state for tourists all over the world. When one is looking for places to visit in Kerala then there are hundreds of options one can find. So, it is always advisable to plan accordingly.

Tips For First Timers Visiting Kerala, God’s Own Country

As the popularity of Kerala tourism is increasing each day, you can also find the state to offer some of the great tour packages online and offline both. If you are visiting the state for the first time, then the tour can bring lots of unique experiences to you. However, to make your trip the best one, it is always best that you learn a few things about the place you are visiting, and a few tips that can help you avoid any problem. So, for all the first timers visiting Kerala, we are sharing some great tips to help you return with the best experiences from the God’s own country.

  1. Carry Sunscreen

The weather in Kerala is mostly hot and humid but pleasant. So, it is advisable that you carry sunscreen in your bag always.

  1. Food

Kerala is known for serving authentic food. In most of the food, you will find coconuts and spices in great quantity. The reason is Kerala being the home to spices and coconuts. If you can’t go with the spicy food, you can always ask to use it in a little amount. But, being in Kerala, have their authentic food once without asking them to modify it. Let it be authentic!

  1. Visiting Temples

The temples in Kerala and all over in South India are bit different from the rest of the temples in India. In certain temples, non-Hindus or foreigners are not allowed. Almost all temples have a strict dress code which you have to follow. You cannot wear short dresses. You have to leave your footwear outside the temple. No one can touch or click pictures of the idols.

  1. Best time to visit Kerala

One can visit Kerala any time of the year, but if you want to enjoy the best time of the state then visit during September to March. From December to January, Kerala enjoys the peak time so if you are planning to visit during these days, do your bookings earlier.

  1. Cigarettes are banned

Kerala has a strict law and the state is known to abide by its laws. Smoking of cigarettes in public places is banned. If you are caught smoking, you can face some heavy charges as well as punishment.

These are some of the tips that are going to prepare you before you leave for your trip to Kerala. The state is not a strict one and it just follows the rules and laws that help it stay safe and sound for tourists.