The Importance Of Digital Technology For An Attorney And A Law Firm

The Importance Of Digital Technology For An Attorney And A Law Firm

Dictation has been a huge part of practicing law for decades. This is true if you are only a single lawyer with a private practice or working at a large law firm. The days of using tape recorders and even handheld digital recorders are over. You need to have a digital recording system that will enhance both your security and increase your law firm’s productivity. The following are a few things you should know about this type of system.

The Importance Of Digital Technology For An Attorney And A Law Firm

Digital systems allow for easier editing

Because the system is digital in nature, you can easily edit the recording, so it is exactly the way you want it to be for transcription. This makes the final hard copy more accurate, and the chances are lower that you will need to make additions to a transcription. Of course, as an attorney, the accuracy of documents is critical. The word choice is often critical. When you are able to listen to your dictation, and then edit the material yourself, this will cut down on the time needed to produce a hard copy of your dictation. Since time is money, you will also cut down on the labor costs of dictation by doing your own editing before a legal transcriptionist begins their work.

Digital audio is easy to distribute

If your law firm is large enough, you may have a staff that is dedicated to transcribing dictation. By using digital dictation equipment your files are already on your computer. You can transfer them to a main server where transcriptionists can access them. However, even smaller law firms, without this type of dictation staff, can send these audio files to a transcriptionist service. At a small firm, even a law practice with a single attorney, you productivity can go way up. You simply get the dictation file to be the way you desire, and send it by email to your favorite transcription service.

The bottom line is that you need to embrace a modern digital dictation system. Without doing this you are putting yourself and your law practice in a weak position relative to your competitors.