The Fine Art of Moving to a New Place

The Fine Art of Moving to a New Place

Moving is a process, which all of us love and hate at the same time. Actually, what we hate is not the moving itself, but those planning and organization we need to do in advance. Not everyone understands how to do it correctly to influence a relocation process in a positive way.

The Fine Art of Moving to a New Place

Today, we’re going to discuss everything you need to know when moving to a new place. So, take your time, prepare a notebook, and be ready to write down every advice you will consider to be useful for your moving process. But first, make sure you have a reliable moving company in mind. Don’t even try to save some extra money on transporting everything by yourself. You risk to break or damage something from your stuff as well as damage your back while carrying that heavy couch or refrigerator you have bought for the whole family. If you don’t know any moving company at all, check as one of those really good variants for California residents. However, make sure you ask friends or relatives to find several options.

And now, let’s have a look at the essential information you need to know before even planning a moving process.

Things to Consider Before Moving

First of all, try to plan your relocation around fall and spring seasons. It is highly recommended not to move during the summer period. At this time it might be quite difficult for you to get the resources that you need to conduct a relocation properly.

The Fine Art of Moving to a New Place

  • Start arranging the process at least in a month before the actual moving day. The first thing you want to do is to take care of the utilities in the old as well as the new place you’re going to live in;
  • Identify all the stuff you want to keep, sell, donate, or just throw away. Don’t move the items which you don’t use anymore to your new home to get rid of them there. If you want to sell or give something to someone, do it before transportation;
  • Change the address at least 12-14 days before moving out. Do it online or go to the post office in your area;
  • Update your online information by contacting the financial, medical, and educational institutions you’re connected to. Inform them about your new address as well;
  • When it comes to packing, buy all needed materials in advance. Make a calculation and find out the approximate amount of boxes and padding materials you are going to need;
  • Make a parking reservation. A couple weeks ahead of your move, reach out to the apartments or community you’re moving to and ask what their requirements are for elevator and parking reservations.

As any other adventure, a moving process can’t be held without some sort of a plan. If you’re not a fan of planning everything to the smallest details, play small. Write down only the most important things to do to understand how much money and time a moving will take. Even the simplest and shortest plan will make a huge difference to your relocation process.