Some Facts About Texas Slogans

Some Facts About Texas Slogans

Texas is the second largest state, by population and area, in the United States. While you’re waiting for the Galveston to Houston shuttle, learn the history behind some famous Texas sayings.

Facts About Texas Slogans

Why the Lone Star State

Texas was originally a part of Mexico. During its war of independence from Mexico, the flag of the Republic only had one star. Today, Texans are proud of their independent spirit and heritage. They consider the single star to represent their culture. The state flag and seal all contain “Lone Star State.” In 2015, the Texas legislature officially adopted this slogan as Texas’ nickname.

Why Six Flags Over Texas

Amusement parks and shopping malls utilize the slogan “Six Flags Over Texas.” The six flags refer to the six countries that have ruled over Texas during its history: Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America, and the United States of America. These six flags are flown in a manner prescribed by the Texas Historical Commission. You’ll find the flags on the back of the state seal.

Why Remember the Alamo

During the Texas Revolution, a Mexican army killed the Texans who were defending the Alamo. The Mexican general ordered the execution of all the Texan defenders who surrendered. The slogan “Remember the Alamo” honors the bravery of the Texan soldiers in the face of cruelty.

Why Don’t Mess With Texas

In 1986, the state transportation department started an anti-littering campaign to reduce the amount of trash on Texas highways. This slogan was printed on trash cans. The department has registered the slogan as a trademark. On their website, you can order shirts and hats with the slogan.

Texans are proud of their culture and their heritage. You will probably hear one of these slogans during your trip. Now you’ll understand the meaning of these slogans.